Salary Cap & Contract Valuation

This page will serve as a summary of my work on player valuation, salary cap management, negotiation strategy and other financial analysis.

Salary Cap Management & Player Valuation Index:

01 – The Importance of Financial Analysis: A League-wide Review of Salary Cap Efficiency

02 – Valuing Stamkos: Estimating What Steven’s Next 7 Seasons are Worth

03 –Does Stamkos Fit in the Shanaplan? A Long Term Analysis of the Leafs’ Salary Cap

04 – Negotiation Leverage and the Massive Hidden Value in ELC/RFA Deals

05 – The Financial Frontier: Defining the Characteristics of Competitive Salary Cap Management

06 – Myth-busters: Disproving the Idea that Stamkos “Left Millions on the Table” to Re-Sign in Tampa

You can also check out these two posts from my ‘WAR Explainer series, which help explain the underlying methodology behind some of my player-level and team-level valuation approaches:

Using GAR to Quantify a Player’s Value and Salary-Cap Efficiency 

The Model Franchise: GAR, Roster Construction, and Maximizing Team-Level Cap Efficiency

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