About Me

Original Six Analytics is a blog focused on hockey analytics at NHL and other levels. I am a former athlete, having played hockey my whole life and on a (non-hockey) varsity team at university, and in my spare time (outside of my full time job) I also do projects/ongoing work as an NHL/OHL Analytics Consultant. I am 26 years old.

Full time, I work in the field of private equity investing, and before that I was a management consultant – both fields  focused on summarizing data analysis into an easily understood recommendation/decision. As such, this blog to applies the concepts of ‘Wall Street’ (private equity/finance/and to an extent, corporate strategy) to the world of hockey analysis, focusing on areas such as player value, projection, salary cap efficiency/management, contract negotiations, WAR/GAR, and more. I personally see the intersection of the salary cap management (and its legal components) and analytics as a very important (and sometimes under-emphasized) area in the NHL. This blog will also provide one location for all my writing to date.

Please feel free to reach out at any time, with questions, comments, feedback or any requests for a future analysis:

  • @OrgSixAnalytics on Twitter
  • OriginalSixAnalytics@gmail.com

For other teams looking for side projects/analytical support, I am happy to take requests for consulting work. Project work output would resemble the PDF-style report found in my draft pick value analysis

PS – For those who managed to get this far on the “About” page – Andrew Kerison is a ‘pen’ name.



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