About Me

Original Six Analytics is a blog focused on hockey analytics at NHL and other levels. All work here was written by Michael Zsolt, who formerly used the online ‘pen name’ of ‘Andrew Kerison’. I am a former athlete, having played hockey my whole life and also having played rugby at Western university and for U18 Team Ontario. I currently am the director of analytics for the Kitchener Rangers. Prior to this I was a consultant to the 2016-17 Soo Greyhounds and have completed project work for a confidential NHL team.

Prior to my current position I had 5+ years of professional experience in private equity investing and business strategy consulting, after graduating from the Ivey Business School. Almost all of the work found on this blog was written while I worked in those fields. As such, this blog follows the theme of ‘applying Wall Street concepts to the world of hockey analysis’, and focused on areas such as player valuation, salary cap efficiency/management, contract negotiations, WAR/GAR, and more.

Please feel free to reach out at any time, with questions, comments, feedback or simply to introduce yourself:

  • @michael_zsolt on Twitter
  • OriginalSixAnalytics@gmail.com

For other teams looking for project work, I am happy to take requests for consulting work, provided it is non-competitive with my work with Kitchener.

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