WAR ‘Explainer’

This page will serve as the Index for my WAR ‘Explainer’ series, released in conjunction with Maple Leafs Hot Stove.


Pre-Series: WAR-On-Ice’s Individual Player GAR Data (By Season) – Includes data up to 2014-2015, and is slightly cleaned up/relabeled for easy usage.

Part 1: Understanding ‘WAR’ and Its Practical Applications to Player Evaluation

Part 2: Using GAR to Quantify a Player’s Value and Salary-Cap Efficiency 

Part 3: The Model Franchise: GAR, Roster Construction, and Maximizing Team-Level Cap Efficiency

Please send any comments/feedback/areas for future analysis to me @OrgSixAnalytics or at originalsixanalytics@gmail.com. I am also open to other teams who are interested in consulting projects. All work done is confidential and unique to the specific team requesting it. Project work output would resemble the PDF-style report.