Consulting Work & Collaborators

Consulting Work

Thus far I have completed consulting work/projects for three teams at various levels. Most work is confidential, though in some circumstances teams/individuals have given me permission to share that I have worked with them:

  • OHL – Since the beginning of the 2016-2017 season I have been doing work for Kyle Raftis, the GM of the Soo Greyhounds. This engagement is ongoing and as long as it continues I consider any OHL-level work I do to be exclusively for this team
  • OHL – In spring of 2016 I conducted multiple ‘side projects’ for another OHL team, who remains confidential. These were focused on the OHL draft
  • NHL – In fall 2016 I completed a project for an NHL team, who remains confidential. It was in the area of salary cap efficiency and involved replicating analysis I have done in prior blog posts.
Legal disclaimer: I am not employed by any of these teams and I do not claim to represent them or their views. 



This remainder of this page will serve to summarize a small slice of some of the other great hockey analytics sites or resources out there. This page is split into two categories: (i) Collaborators (websites I have posted on, or people who I have worked with/gotten input from on particularly articles/analyses/projects), or (ii) Other Resources/Blogs – which is exactly what it sounds like. The latter category is not yet complete, and will grow over time.

NHLNumbers – NHLNumbers is a long time analytics platform that is a part of the Nation Network

Hockey Prospectus – Hockey Prospectus is one of the original hockey analytics websites, run by Matthew Coller and founded (in part) by Tom Awad, creator of the GVT statistic. I am looking forward to having some of my work featured there over the coming weeks and months.

Maple Leafs Hot Stove – MLHS is the largest Leafs fan page on the internet, with millions of views per year, and is the primary site that posts my Leafs-focused content. The site is led by Alec Brownscombe and Declan Kerin.

Puckalytics Blog – Puckalytics is a well-known advanced hockey stats database created by David Johnson. The Puckalytics Blog is a newly created blog on the site, focused on publishing the analysis done by members of the hockey analytics community.

Stephen Burtch – Steve is a great blogger over at Sportsnet, who has given me lots of good advice – particularly early on, and with respect to my Draft analysis series. He has a library of great work for those interested.

Zac Urback – Zac is a fellow Ivey grad who does a lot of great work, primarily released on his twitter page. He also has created the DEV metric (Draft Expected Value) recently, which everyone should check out.

Please contact me at if you are interested in having me write for your website, or to discuss any other potential engagement.


Other Resources/Blogs

Here are some great other resources/blogs in general. This is not a complete list, and I haven’t yet even scratched the surface of the blogs/tools I visit regularly. However, I will continue to update it soon, and hopefully it is helpful and/or provides some value to those I mention: