About the author, and this site

Original Six Analytics is (yet another) blog focused on exploring the world of advanced statistics within the NHL and other hockey leagues. My own background is in the field of private equity investing, and before that as a management consultant – both fields heavily focused on summarizing quantitative analysis into easily understood output in order to support decision making. As such, I hope to specifically use this blog to apply the concepts of value investing (and to an extent, corporate strategy) to the world of hockey analysis.

Lastly – as the image of Morgan Rielly and Leo Komarov may suggest – I am a lifelong Leaf fan, with a great deal of patience and support behind the approach of the current front office. The name of ‘Original Six’ Analytics refers to what seems to be the vision of the current Leafs organization – ‘returning an original six franchise to its rightful place in the league’. Which I think we can all get behind.

My inaugural post (with actual analytics content) will be coming soon, on the topic of the value of draft picks, based on typical player performance and development from a given draft round. Please feel free to reach out at any time, with questions, comments, feedback or any requests for a future type of analysis:

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